Wordplay: Screen Printed Blocks of Fun DIY

DIY: Screen Printed Blocks of FunWordplay - Screen Printed Blocks of Fun DIY

  These blocks are super easy to make, and a fun idea for anyone who likes to decorate, perfect for mantel, bookshelf, or wall display. How about printing a hidden message or sweet little nothings for the one you love? If you happen to get inspired and make your own blocks, I would love to see your ideas!

•  A piece of 4 x 4 wooden post
•  StencilPro film (to make stencils)
•  Paints
•  Sand paper and sander (or sanding block)

The full video of the Screen Printed Blocks of Fun DIY for you to enjoy!

Thanks for watching!
- Lena {at} Stencil It Pretty


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