DIY: Etched Beer Glasses

Beer glasses etched using StencilPro silk screen stencil and Armour Etch

These would make a great gift for 'him' for a Valentine's day, a Father's day gift, or a birthday present.
Think personalized wedding bride and groom toasting glasses or a timeless wedding keepsake. This simple and cheap method of glass etching produces great results.

Beer glasses with StencilPro stencils attached ready for etching
I have decided to use beer quotes by famous people; which I printed on transparency (in black and white), then turned into silk screen stencils using product, called StencilPro. Download artwork I used in this project for free from StencilItPretty Freebies page.

•  StencilPro film or StencilPro Starter Kit: Basic or Complete
•  Transparency sheet (comes with StencilPro Starter Kit)
•  Eco Exposure light (to develop or expose your stencils)
•  Armour Etch cream
•  Masking tape
•  Small paintbrush
•  Beer glasses

Here is the video of the complete step by step glass etching project. Enjoy!

Thanks for watching!
- Lena {at} Stencil It Pretty


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