Wordplay: Screen Printed Blocks of Fun DIY

DIY: Screen Printed Blocks of FunWordplay - Screen Printed Blocks of Fun DIY

  These blocks are super easy to make, and a fun idea for anyone who likes to decorate, perfect for mantel, bookshelf, or wall display. How about printing a hidden message or sweet little nothings for the one you love? If you happen to get inspired and make your own blocks, I would love to see your ideas!

•  A piece of 4 x 4 wooden post
•  StencilPro film (to make stencils)
•  Paints
•  Sand paper and sander (or sanding block)

The full video of the Screen Printed Blocks of Fun DIY for you to enjoy!

Thanks for watching!
- Lena {at} Stencil It Pretty


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Run Hard, Be Strong, Think Big

DIY Inspirational T-Shirt Printed Using PhotoEZ and Stained with Sharpie Fabric MarkersDIY Inspirational T-Shirt Printed Using PhotoEZ and Stained with Sharpie Fabric Markers

   We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. Fifty years from now it will not matter what kind of car we drove, what kind of house we lived in, how much we had in our bank account, or what our clothes looked like. But the world may be a better place because we were important in the life of a child once. Of course, it is eminently reasonable that parents should want to protect their children. There is a certain sense of fragility that forces us to place that “Baby on board” sign in a window of our car or baste our children in anti-bacterial hand soaps and sanitizers. The prevailing opinion amongst adults is that our children are at risk. We ensure that they venture nowhere near the edge of the nest: you never know what danger might lie beyond its cozy, bubble-wrapped confines. We take it upon ourselves to protect our children’s innocence no matter what the cost, and sometimes this cost is too great. Of course we have a stake in their innocence; however, are we doing too much? I can already hear you say “You cannot be too careful”. Our “claim to protect” may actually be doing our children a greater disservice. Overwhelmed by parental panic, we over-regulate and squeeze the life out of anything fun. It is as if we give our children wings, and then we clip them before they even learn how to fly.

   It is amazing how inspirational kids can be. As parents, it is our responsibility to protect; however, it is even greater responsibility for us to love, accept, challenge, inspire, and guide our children with enthusiasm; and of course help them live what they learn. After all, we are here to give them roots and help them find their wings. Only then, the sky is the limit!

DIY Inspirational T-Shirt Printed Using PhotoEZ and Stained with Sharpie Fabric Markers

 •  Stained By Sharpie Fabric Markers
 •  Complete or Basic PhotoEZ Starter Kit
 •  Eco Exposure Light
 •  Jacquard or any other brand screen printing ink in black
 •  Painter's tape
 •  Blank T-Shirt - I got mine from Michaels
 •  Small piece of cardboard (for use inside t-shirt to prevent paint from bleeding to the other side)

My artwork for this project can be downloaded from StencilItPretty Freebies section.

1.  I started out by sketching my design on paper, then scanned it into my computer to "bolden" the lines, turn it into black and white (for PhotoShop users, I used "Threshhold" function), and add the inspirational quote "Run Hard, Be Strong, Think Big" by Percy Cerutty.
Original Sketch of the Design for the Inspirational T-Shirt

2.  Once happy with my artwork, I printed it on a sheet of transparency. Transparency comes with PhotoEZ Starter Kit or you can purchase it separately: InkJet transparecy or LaserJet; alternatively transparency can be purchased from your local office supply store.

3.  Following the manufacturer's instructions, I have made the PhotoEZ stencil by exposing artwork and sheet of PhotoEZ film to light, then washing the stencil using tap water and air drying.

4.  Then using painters tape, I mounted my PhotoEZ stencil onto plastic frame. Frame helped to make the stencil rigid and easy to use for screen printing on fabric.

Mount PhotoEZ stencil onto plastic frame using painter's masking tapeMount PhotoEZ Stencil Onto Plastic Frame Using Painter's Tape

5.  To protect t-shirt and prevent paint from bleeding through to the other side, I have inserted a piece of cardboard (I cut one out of an old shipping box I had). Eyeballing the positioning of the design on the t-shirt, I have placed the PhotoEZ stencil on top. Then using a plastic palette knife, I put a generous bead of Jacquard paint onto the stencil (avoiding open parts of the design on the stencil), then spread it across the top of the stencil in a thin line.

Spread a generous bead of paint across the top of the PhotoEZ stencilSpread a Generous Bead of Paint Across the Top of the PhotoEZ Stencil

6.  Holding a squeegee at 45 degree angle, I printed the outline of the design onto the t-shirt.

Screen Print Outline of the Design Onto T-Shirt Using PhotoEZ Stencil and Jacquard Screen Printing Ink

Carefully lift stencil off t-shirt to expose printed outline of the designCarefully Lift PhotoEZ Stencil off T-Shirt to Expose Printed Outline of the Design

7.  Using "Stained By Sharpie" Fabric Markers, I inked in the color. Tip: practice by printing your design on regular printer paper and filling in the colors as desired first if you are worried about messing up or free hand if you feel inspired!

Fill the colors in the printed desing on t-shirt by using Stained By Sharpie fabric markersFill the Colors in the Printed Outline of the Design on T-Shirt Using "Stained By Sharpie" Fabric Markers

And here is yours truly working late at night on the final design..

Working late finishing up design with Sharpie fabric markersWorking Late Putting Final Touches on T-Shirt Artwork with Sharpie Fabric Markers

Thanks for reading!
- Lena {at} Stencil It Pretty


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Creative Bites: WaterMelon Hearts How To

How to make your own heart shaped watermelon treat

Heart shaped watermelon bites - what could be more delicious than that? A healthy alternative to the sugary treats on Valentine's day or any other day when you feel like sharing your creativity and imagination. Fill that someone special's heart with good taste and freshness as a bite of watermelon in your mouth.

Making these watermelon hearts is simple and quick with little or no chef expertise required.! All you need is a watermelon and a couple of heart shaped cookie cutters of varied sizes. Arrange on a dish and add some finishing touches. A wonderful way to win anyone's heart is to make them a special meal. Therefore, think outside the candy box and enjoy!

Thanks for watching!
- Lena {at} Stencil It Pretty


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DIY: Etched Beer Glasses

Beer glasses etched using StencilPro silk screen stencil and Armour Etch

These would make a great gift for 'him' for a Valentine's day, a Father's day gift, or a birthday present.
Think personalized wedding bride and groom toasting glasses or a timeless wedding keepsake. This simple and cheap method of glass etching produces great results.

Beer glasses with StencilPro stencils attached ready for etching
I have decided to use beer quotes by famous people; which I printed on transparency (in black and white), then turned into silk screen stencils using product, called StencilPro. Download artwork I used in this project for free from StencilItPretty Freebies page.

•  StencilPro film or StencilPro Starter Kit: Basic or Complete
•  Transparency sheet (comes with StencilPro Starter Kit)
•  Eco Exposure light (to develop or expose your stencils)
•  Armour Etch cream
•  Masking tape
•  Small paintbrush
•  Beer glasses

Here is the video of the complete step by step glass etching project. Enjoy!

Thanks for watching!
- Lena {at} Stencil It Pretty


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